“But we don’t awake spontaneously to a knowledge of our talents and passions.

“Science and mathematics make new potential. I think of them as humanity’s superpowers. And they’re your superpowers.”

“What would it take for you to put the same level of trust in AI as you would extend to a human?”

Dr Finkel delivered the opening speech to the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Global Leaders’ Summit in Melbourne on 8 May, 2018.

“It seems to me that anyone with a pulse should be excited by the possibilities of science in 2018.”

The Chief Scientist delivered an opening address to the Commonwealth Innovation Science Forum in Brisbane that coincided with the Commonwealth Games being ho

“The success of our universities is not a matter of chance. If it’s a game, it’s a game of strategy.”

“Science met Parliament, and the offspring was progress. Its sibling is potential.”

“Let me start with an impossible to answer question. Who invented citizen science?”

To see the future for your children, look at the superheroes of your parents.”