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Advancing science for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Australia.

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Advancing science for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Australia.

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  • SPEECH: Renewing the signals, restoring the continuum

    12 July 2019

    “Mathematics encourages logical thought; it allows for the laying out of a problem and working through solutions; it trains you to make deductions from the learned assumptions of those who have gone before; and it encourages you to apply your knowledge to a wider world view. It’s a bit like being a Jedi master.” Dr […]

  • Science policy fellows program continues in 2019

    10 July 2019

    The new financial year has seen the second year of the Science Policy Fellowships pilot program begin. Organised and initiated by the Chief Scientist and his Office, the program aims to provide a pathway for early and mid-career scientists to become skilled policy practitioners, and to grow the diversity of expertise within the Australian Public […]

  • The proudest failure of them all

    3 July 2019

    Dr Finkel shared his insights into a range of complex issues at events during May 2019: Artificial Intelligence, the value of STEM study, and the brilliance of failure and what it teaches us.

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A message from the Chief Scientist: Australia’s Hydrogen Potential 10 July 2019

“Imagine a zero-emissions fuel that exists on Earth in abundance, can be easily extracted using basic chemistry and offers jobs and investment in Australia for decades to come. That substance exists: it’s called hydrogen.”

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