Australia’s Chief Scientist

  • Provides authoritative, independent science advice 
  • Champions Australia's science and research system
  • Contributes to improving Australia's scientific capability

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Australia’s Chief Scientist

  • Provide authoritative, independent science advice 
  • Champion Australia's science and research system
  • Improve Australia's scientific capability

Read the workplan

Latest updates

Dr Cathy Foley speaking at Science Meets Parliament 2024 Gala Dinner
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Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, addresses those attending the Government Scientists Group showcase hosted by the Parliamentary Friends of Science
Dr Cathy Foley

Latest projects

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Government Scientists Group

The Government Scientists Group is "the hidden gem of Australia's Public Service" bringing together chief scientists or equivalents from 30 Australian Government departments, agencies and regulators with a science capability.

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Forum of Australian Chief Scientists

The Forum brings together Australia’s Chief Scientist and representatives from all Australian states and territories to discuss nationally important issues and challenges relating to science, technology and innovation.

Australia's Chief Scientist engaged in conversation with new Australian Science Policy Fellows

Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program

An initiative of the Office of the Chief Scientist that aims to grow the diversity of expertise in the Australian Public Service workforce.

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National Science and Technology Council

The council is responsible for providing advice to the Prime Minister and other Ministers on important science and technology issues facing Australia.

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