“…the development of A.I. provides us with an opportunity not only for intellectual growth, but for moral leadership.

"Science often moves faster than our ability to fully grasp all of its implications, leaving a trail of moral and ethical dilemmas in its wake.

“Simple activities, which are firmly embedded in our everyday lives, all have some degree of risk associated with their use.

“In the case of the research sector here and abroad, we need to acknowledge that as good as the research system is, there is a problem.

“One thing we know for sure is that social change is not achieved without effort.”

“Mathematics encourages logical thought; it allows for the laying out of a problem and working through solutions; it trains you to make deductions from the l

“The basic structure of peer review is the best we’ve ever invented. But it is showing signs of strain.”

“The reality is, you may never work a day in your life in a particular profession – and still be getting value from your degree.”

“AI is seeping into every aspect of manufacturing – and manufacturing companies are buying up AI talent as fast as universities can churn it out.”

“Let’s start with the big picture: zero emissions energy everywhere, for everyone. How do we get there?”