“I learnt from my father that far more important than another factory, or another suit, are the principles that guide one’s life.”

“When I was a student the importance of actually specialising in something – mastering a discipline – was more or less assumed.You want a broad mix of people

“We can make something extraordinary even better. And we can do it as realists, and pragmatists – not as utopians.

“Australians have learned to trust researchers.

“Kissinger once said 'University politics are vicious, precisely because the stakes are so small.’

“Without microscopy there is no modern science. End of story.”

“Would you trust doctors using data from artificial intelligence to make life or death health decisions for your child?”

“Technology is not a solution for ignorance. It makes the opportunities for the educated even greater.”

“It seems to me that if we can be the best in the world at integrating artificial intelligence into mining, then we ought to be the best at capitalising on h

“Every time we come to a decision point about the technologies we allow into our lives we must ask ourselves: What kind of society do we want to be?”