Australia is a tech-savvy nation, with excellent research, great start-ups, and relationships with some of the best science minds in the world. But how do we use these advantages to reap the benefits of the new economy?

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On Monday 11 September, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "Young scientists to meet the challenges of our time" at Macquarie University's [EX]plore Conference in Sydney.

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Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, has released a Trust in Science paper to outline the elements of quality science, to describe the systems that underpin and support quality science in Australia, and to discuss the important distinction between ‘integrity’ and ‘quality’.

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On Thursday 29 June, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "The energy transition: Building pathways with science" at the World Mining Congress 2023 in Brisbane.

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Australia’s Chief Scientist urges Australian Science Policy Fellows to ‘’always look for the evidence’’.

Australia's Chief Scientist engaged in conversation with new Australian Science Policy Fellows

On Wednesday 14 June in Sydney, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "Collaborative problem-solving with Science PLUS" at The Royal Society of New South Wales' Ideas@theHouse event.

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This report was commissioned by Australia’s National Science and Technology Council at the request of the Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon Ed Husic MP in February 2023.

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On Thursday 18 May, a speech by Dr Foley titled "Australia's expertise and offering in quantum" was broadcast at The Economist's Commercialising Quantum Global 2023 Conference in London.

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On Tuesday 16 May in Sydney, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "A moment in time for Australian biotechnology" at the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia's Biotechnology Luncheon.

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On Monday 08 May in Perth, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "Leveraging our unique strengths" at the 2023 Science on the Swan Conference.

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