Australia will not solve its great challenges, including the development of new low-emissions technologies, a space industry, defence and quantum technologies, without making use of the full human potential, Dr Foley says.

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Fifteen early and mid-career scientists bring the skills they gained during their PhDs to new roles helping policy development in the Australian Public Service.

Cathy Foley

Dr Foley was very impressed recently to receive a package of portraits of her from year 2 students at Burgmann Anglican School in the ACT. The students had been learning in their science unit about the Earth’s resources as well as researching Australian scientists. This led to an investigation of the role of Australia’s Chief Scientist, including about Dr Foley’s work and early life.

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Artificial intelligence algorithms can go to work on scientific data “like that robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans up the house when you’re not there": Cathy Foley’s interview with Cosmos magazine.

AI in farming

The full potential of quantum technologies will not be realised unless it is developed in a way that recognises the diversity of the human experience, Cathy Foley says

Cathy Foley addressing the Diversity in Quantum event.

Open access to the research and science literature would help unlock the benefits of the fast-changing tools of science, Dr Cathy Foley says

Cathy Foley

Cathy Foley addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday on her agenda to improving connections between the research sector, industry and government..

Cathy Foley

Increasing diversity in the STEM workforce is about realising the full human potential, Dr Cathy Foley says.

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Keen for a science policy bootcamp?

Applications for the 2021-22 cohort of the Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program are now open.

SPF Applications Open 2021

“I’m inspired by the talent and passion of our Science Policy Fellows and excited to see the how their contributions elevate and embrace the role of science in policy,” says Dr Foley.

Office of Chief Scientist SPF 2021