“We come to the table with a bold vision for our nation’s place in science – and through science, our place in space.”

Dr Alan Finkel has written an article for the Australian Neuroscience Society’s October newsletter.

Mr Bill Ferris AC, Dr Alan Finkel AO and Mr John Fraser conducted a review into the Research & Development Tax Incentive that was released on 26 Sept

“As a leader, you need these four things in your organisation. As a Prime Minister, you want to build these four things for your country.

“I was taken out of my comfort zone. I’m an engineer…a scientist. All of a sudden, I’m the Executive Producer for a concert. It’s not easy.

“In my vision for 2025, the Master of Engineering is the equal of the MBA, if not the premier qualification that head-hunters for corporate boards want to se

“You can exhort, you can encourage, you can get creative with the salary cap – but ultimately, you need to build the capability to play the game consistently

“Next time somebody throws the 'job ready’ phrase at you, invariably in the negative context, retaliate that your role is to train graduates who are 'job cap

“It’s an extraordinary delight to be recognised and honoured by Victorians, not for being a scientist but for being who I am, a Victorian.”

Following the SAGE Symposium in Sydney on Friday 24 June, at which Dr Finkel participated on a panel, the Australian Academy of Science has released an infor