"For the anxious, progress towards a hydrogen future is too slow. But look back a few decades from now and history will record the hydrogen industry as an overnight success."

Following the release of the National Hydrogen Strategy, Dr Finkel looks at the history and future of hydrogen as a fuel - from the realm of science fiction to the stuff of today's science fact. The full article is below, and was first published in The Conversation on 25 November 2019.

“Imagine a zero-emissions fuel that exists on Earth in abundance, can be easily extracted using basic chemistry and offers jobs and investment in Australia f

“Our focus has to shift from quantity to quality…we must abandon the assumption that a passive apprenticeship system works” Dr Finkel

In response to an article published across multiple news sources 2–4 December 2018, Dr Finkel wrote a letter to the editors to clarify his position on reduci

The Office of the Chief Scientist has published the 17th paper in its Occasional Paper Series on Precision Medicine.

“Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel has cautioned that companies and corporations cannot just be left to their own devices to come up with individual

Ahead of Dr Finkel’s delivery of the Samuel Alexander Lecture in August,

Entrepreneurs and scientists share optimism as a common and defining trait and so it is quite likely that Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan

“Pick up a book and pledge to share it with a special child in your life: a son or daughter, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, the child of a neighbour or fam

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute has posted a video of Dr Finkel’s opening speech to its centenary congress in Melbourne in July.