2020 Australia's STEM Workforce Report

The second Australia’s STEM Workforce report once again provides a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) trained workforce.

The report builds on data from the 2016 report, updating analyses of the demographics, industries, occupations and incomes of people in Australia with VET or university qualifications in STEM.

It also includes new analyses, with chapters on Women in STEM, Young People in STEM, and A Closer Look at Engineering. Additional exploration of a number of specific populations allows us to explore the diversity of Australia’s STEM qualified workforce.

Australia’s STEM Workforce can be downloaded as a full report below. The news article can be accessed here.

Part 1 of the report, Australia’s STEM Capability, analyses the demographics of the STEM qualified population (Chapter 2) and the employment outcomes of the STEM qualified labour force (Chapter 3).

Part 2 (Chapters 4-14) compares a number of metrics across STEM fields. The ten pathways chapters allow readers with an interest in a particular STEM field to view the employment outcomes of university graduates in that field.

Part 3 (Focus Areas) investigates three populations of interest – Women in STEM, Young Australians, and workers with qualifications in Engineering.

Two infographics summarising key data on the VET STEM qualified labour force and the university STEM qualified labour force are also available for download.



Australia’s STEM Workforce – full report [PDF]

Infographic: VET STEM qualified labour force [PDF]

Infographic: University STEM qualified labour force [PDF]