Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, delivered a speech at the Science Meets Parliament 2024 Gala Dinner in the Great Hall at Parliament House.

Dr Cathy Foley speaking at Science Meets Parliament 2024 Gala Dinner

Dr Cathy Foley presented the government scientists group to parliamentarians on Wednesday, 28 February.

Dr Cathy Foley speaks with Dr Steve Hill, Geosciences Australia, at the Government Scientists Group showcase

On Monday 4 December, Dr Foley delivered a speech titled "Opportunities in quantum technologies: now, near term and in the future" at the International Conference on Quantum Energy in Melbourne.

Quantum batteries

Earlier this year Dr Foley attended the 2023 Quantum World Congress in Tyson, Virginia. Recordings of her keynote and a national quantum update are now available for viewing.

Quantum computer

On Thursday 19 October, Dr Foley delivered a virtual speech titled "The case for more women in quantum" at IBM Quantum’s 'Quantum Invited Women Talks' series.

Woman working at laptop, with 3D globe graphic and math equations in the foreground

Dr Foley delivered a speech called "A time to commit: Making the most of Australia's strengths in the new economy" at the InnovationAus launch of the Capability Papers in Canberra on 19 October 2023.

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On Tuesday 10 October, Dr Foley delivered a speech titled "Australia and Japan - enduring partners in science" at the Australia-Japan Business Co-operation Committee Joint Business Conference in Melbourne.

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On Monday 02 October, Dr Foley gave a virtual speech titled "Building trust in AI" at the Science and Technology in Society Forum's 12th Academy of Engineering Presidents Meeting in Kyoto.

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Dr Foley delivered a speech called "Making a little magic: Building demand for quantum" at the Quantum World Congress in Washington DC on Thursday 27 September 2023.

Dr Foley speaking at a lectern

On Monday 11 September, Dr Foley gave a speech titled "Young scientists to meet the challenges of our time" at Macquarie University's [EX]plore Conference in Sydney.

Child with a chemistry set, standing in front of a blackboard full of chemical structures