Quantum Meets series

A workshop series led by Dr Cathy Foley to build demand and investment in quantum technologies. The Quantum Meets series brings quantum experts together with leaders from different sectors of the economy for a deep dive into the opportunities. 

Quantum Meets Resources 14 February 2024

What is quantum?

Quantum technologies are critical for our future. Thanks to nanotechnology, we have learned to see and control tiny quantum particles. This means that we can build qubits, which are the building blocks of quantum computers.

What quantum can do

  • provide better traffic modelling
  • simulate catastrophic weather events
  • support faster drug trials
  • detect disease at very small scales
  • map with extreme precision
  • model renewable energy systems
  • vastly improve cybersecurity

Australia's vision for quantum

Australia's vision for the quantum vision is set out in the National Quantum Strategy.

Latest on quantum technologies:

On 23 February 2022, Dr Cathy Foley delivered the keynote presentation as part Sydney Quantum's Quantum Australia Conference. In her presentation, Dr Foley discusses the next phase of building a quantum strategy for Australia, and the importance of having all of Australia’s quantum voices represented.

Sydney Quantum Academy 2

The Quantum Commercialisation Hub is the first step to securing Australia’s quantum future, providing an avenue for talented Australians to build their companies and technologies.

A quantum computer

Open access to the research and science literature would help unlock the benefits of the fast-changing tools of science, Dr Cathy Foley says

Cathy Foley

On 17 March 2021 Dr Cathy Foley delivered her inaugural National Press Club address as part of Science meets Parliament. In her speech Achieving Impact from Australian science, Dr Foley discusses her priorities for her tenure as Australia’s Chief Scientist, and the critical role for science in achieving these priorities.

Cathy Foley at the Press Club