Dr Foley is leading work on a business case for a national strategy for open access to research literature. Open access will extend the reach and impact of new knowledge arising from research by allowing all researchers, businesses, policy-makers, health practitioners, educators, and the general public to freely access academic journal articles online.

Open access to reliable evidence-based information can help counter misinformation, and facilitate innovation across industry sectors and government.

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The world of academic publishing is like a library that only the librarians are allowed into. This makes no sense if Australia wants to maximises its investment in research by fostering greater knowledge, prosperity, innovation, economic activity and environmental and social understanding.

Unlocking the academic library.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley has welcomed Open Access Week from 25 October, which puts a focus on the need for research findings to be more widely available and easily accessible.

Unlocking the academic library.

Cathy Foley addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday on her agenda to improving connections between the research sector, industry and government..

Cathy Foley

On 17 March 2021 Dr Cathy Foley delivered her inaugural National Press Club address as part of Science meets Parliament. In her speech Achieving Impact from Australian science, Dr Foley discusses her priorities for her tenure as Australia’s Chief Scientist, and the critical role for science in achieving these priorities.

Cathy Foley at the Press Club