Dr Finkel was interviewed by Thomas Oriti for ABC radio’s AM.

In his second week as Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Finkel was interviewed by SBS.

In an interview with The Weekly Times, the Chief Scientist discussed water management and called for a single body to guide Australia’s long-term water strat

The Australian newspaper interviewed the Chief Scientist as part of its 'Cracking the Code’ series on how Australia can transform its economy using technolog

The Chief Scientist is part of a package on research with Industry and Science Minister Macfarlane, presented by Tom Iggulden on Lateline Tuesday 9 June 2015

On Tuesday 19th May, Professor Chubb was part of a panel put together by Grattan Institute School Education Program Director Dr Peter Goss.

At 8 pm on 19 June 2014, Radio National’s Big Ideas program broadcasted Professor Chubb’s recent address to the Cranlana Programme in Melbourne.