Quantum Meets Resources

A workshop initiated by Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley.

Quantum technologies have the potential to bring real benefits to the mining industry. They will transform the ability to ‘see’ and map resources underground and to navigate without GPS.

These are not futuristic technologies. Quantum capabilities are developing rapidly, and for some situations, they’re being deployed now.

'Quantum Meets Resources' will explore immediate applications for quantum in mineral exploration and their game-changing possibilities over the next decade.

The workshop will be hosted in Adelaide by Dr Cathy Foley on 14 February. The program will feature keynotes, panels and use-case breakout sessions,

Participants will explore industry challenges and ways in which quantum technology could be adapted to address them. For example:

  • Superconducting quantum magnetometers can detect ore bodies at greater depths and far more precisely. Quantum spectrometers can be used for remote sensing, spectroscopy, and chemical analysis.
  • Quantum accelerometers can be used for non-GPS navigation; and quantum gyroscopes can be used for navigation, guidance, and stabilisation of vehicles and platforms.
  • Quantum gravimeters can be used for geodesy, underground mapping, oil and gas exploration, and earthquake monitoring.
  • Quantum computers will lead to new materials, such as new catalysts, and materials for water recovery.
  • Quantum computing offers the possibility of unprecedented modelling, real-time asset monitoring and management, the ability to wrangle and combine large datasets, and optimisation across the board.

Four industry focus area panels will open discussion into the challenges and opportunities presenting in:

  1. Sub-surface imaging: seeing through the earth
  2. Geopositioning
  3. Responsible innovation in environment/risk management
  4. Dealing with big data.

Quantum technologies offer unparalleled new solutions to challenges encountered by a broad range of industry sectors. Australian businesses should act early to understand potential impacts on their sector from emerging quantum technology – both in terms of how it can enhance Australia’s competitive advantage, but also to gauge critical shifts in the competitive landscape as competitors invest in quantum solutions.

'Quantum Meets Resources' is the first in a 2024 workshop series introducing the quantum opportunity to sectors across the economy. The series aim is to accelerate the uptake of quantum technologies in Australia’s economy. The workshops are presented in partnership with the CSIRO and other agencies and organisations.

What is quantum?

Quantum technologies include quantum computing, sensors, communications and more. They allow us to see and engineer the world at ever smaller scales and are already changing many aspects of science and the economy, including medicine, remote sensing and navigation.

We are now on the cusp of breakthrough advances that will transform medicine and diagnostics, drug development, minerals exploration, and the development of new materials.

When the race to build a quantum computer succeeds, we will have unprecedented capability to solve problems and ask questions that are simply not possible in the era of classical computing.