Nina, 2019–20


Headshot of Nina


What were you researching before you started as a Science Policy Fellow?

I studied how animals are responding to climate change. I was interested in trying to identify characteristics that could predict which species might be more at risk, and understand why that might be the case. In particular, I was interested in the consequences of earlier reproduction and weight loss from warmer temperatures on survival, reproduction and population sizes of populations.

How has your research background helped you contribute to policy development?

My research background has given me a range of skills to help me contribute to policy development. The ability to research and synthesise information effectively, and to critically assess this information has proven valuable. Research gives you the ability to drive projects.

How has the program changed your career aspirations?

The program has really changed my outlook for my future career. I was uncertain about leaving academia initially, but I have found that the work I have been doing with the Fellowship Program feels more meaningful because it has direct outcomes and so I am keen to continue.

What is your favourite part about working in a policy role in the Australian Public Service?

My favourite part would be that my work is now making real-world changes, something that I value highly.

(NOTE: Nina secured an ongoing position in the ACT Government in Sept 2019, but remains a Fellow until the end of the 12 month fellowship i.e. until June 2020)