Government Scientists Group: Connecting government science and research capability

Government Scientists Group booklet cover image

The Office of the Chief Scientist has released a booklet to showcase the breadth and depth of scientific endeavour taking place across the Australian Government through the Government Scientists Group, an initiative of Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley.

In her opening message, Dr Cathy Foley describes how the members of the GSG represent 24 organisations, employing more than 20,000 people.

"The scientists, researchers and regulators in the agencies undertake and use highly impactful, world-class research. They regulate Australia’s industries and standards, and fund research by academic and industry partners. They also contribute to international science diplomacy and regulatory operations."

Dr Foley goes on to describe how the staff these organisations contribute to about 4.6% of Australia’s research publications and collaborate widely, and collectively the GSG can be seen as Australia’s largest patent holder.

"They have been responsible for many things that impact on our everyday, from the black-box recorders in all aircraft, to Wi-Fi, and nuclear medicine that every Australian will experience in their lifetime."

The booklet provides a snapshot of each organisation represented at the GSG, highlighting the responsibilities, research capability and current cross-government collaborations for each.

"It is a point-in-time overview of the exceptional science on which the Australian Government relies to address the needs of the nation. Collectively, the GSG helps Australia prepare for the unexpected. It is a jewel in our crown and something as a nation we should be proud of.

Download Government Scientists Group: Connecting government science and research capability [PDF 2.4MB]

Read Dr Foley's speech to the Parliamentary Friends of Science as part of the Government Scientists Group Showcase on 28 February 2024.