Chief Scientist welcomes new members of National Science and Technology Council

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I'm very pleased to welcome three new members to the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). 

The NSTC is an invaluable body. It provides a direct channel from Australia’s science and research community to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Science, and helps bring evidence to decision-making at the highest levels.

The three new members are brilliant people who bring richness to the work of the NSTC. Prof Nanda Dasgupta brings important expertise in physics including running large facilities. Her research is critical to Australia’s role in AUKUS. She’s also a great advocate for women in STEM.

I’m so pleased to welcome Prof Reuben Bolt. Alongside his many years of experience in the university sector and public health, he is the council’s first Indigenous member. Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have deep knowledge of the Australian continent and its biodiversity that is too often overlooked. This hugely valuable and important for the council to include in its work. Prof Bolt is also the council’s first Northern Territory member.

Prof Mark Hutchinson has been an excellent advocate through his work with the Science & Technology Australia and contributes great expertise from his own research in neuroscience and nano-biotechnology.  

I’m sorry to farewell Prof Brian Schmidt from the council this month. He has brought immense intellect and dynamism to the council, and I greatly appreciated his contributions.  

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