Advice to Government

One of the key roles of the Chief Scientist is to provide independent, scientific advice to government. Here you will find a range of items relevant to this role.

National Science and Technology Council
Read Communiqués and meeting records from the National Science and Technology Council, Chaired by the Prime Minister. The Chief Scientist is the Executive Officer.

Benchmarking Australian STEM
The Benchmarking Australian science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) report was publicly released on 1 December 2014. The report draws on multiple indicators and datasets to provide a comprehensive assessment of Australia’s comparative performance in STEM. It was considered at the Commonwealth Science Council meeting in November 2014.

STEM: Australia’s Future
This report summarises the Chief Scientist’s recommendations for a strategic approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It provides a roadmap to develop better capacity and capability through strategic investment, good planning and long-term commitment.

Health of Australian Science
The Health of Australian Science report provides a comprehensive overview of Australia’s science system, outlining our strengths and vulnerabilities.

Mathematics, Science and Engineering Report
The Mathematics, Engineering and Science Report was compiled at the request of the Prime Minister, to investigate ways to increase enrolments in science, mathematics and engineering.

Chief Scientist’s Submissions
A record of submissions the Chief Scientist has made to Senate Inquiries, House of Representative Inquiries and responses to government requests, where it is possible for them to be made public.

The Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council is no longer active. (See the National Science and Technology Council). TheChief Scientist was the Executive Officer.