National Science and Technology Council meeting in June 2019

Wednesday, 03 July 2019

Australia’s National Science and Technology Council met for the second time on 21 June, and was chaired by the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Hon Karen Andrews MP.

The Council is responsible for providing advice to the Prime Minister and other Ministers on science and technology issues facing Australia. Dr Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, serves as the Executive Officer, with six appointed scientific experts. As CEO of CSIRO, Dr Larry Marshallis an ex officio member.

The second meeting dealt extensively with Artificial Intelligence (AI), ranging from work underway to develop an AI ethics framework, boosting Australia’s AI capacity, and exploring barriers to business adoption of AI systems.

The Council also discussed the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and training, and how these important skills will help make sure Australian workers are ready for the evolving jobs of the future.

The full communique and details on the council are on the Chief Scientist website.

Attendees at the second meeting of Australia’s National Science and Technology Council.

L-R: Professor Genevieve Bell, Dr Larry Marshall, Professor Barbara Howlett, the Hon Karen Andrews MP, Professor Brian Schmidt, Professor Deborah Henley, Dr Alan Finkel

Last updated: Thursday, 07 November 2019