Media Release: Strong response to National Electricity Market Review

Submissions to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market have now been published.

You can read the media release below, or download it as a PDF.

More than 360 submissions to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market have been received. The majority are public and will be published today.

The submissions, combined with the insights gained from broad consultations in Australia and with regulators and operators in a number of international jurisdictions, ensure the Review is on track to deliver its final report mid-year.

Australia’s Chief Scientist and Chair of the Review Panel, Dr Alan Finkel, acknowledged and thanked the many contributors.

“The breadth and depth of these submissions is a mark of the community’s determination to help shape the future of our electricity sector,” Dr Finkel said.

“It is also reflective of the message the Review Panel has received from the outset: a nation like Australia can and must rise to the challenges we face.

“These submissions are an important body of knowledge that will inform the Review in developing a comprehensive blueprint for government.”

Dr Finkel also acknowledged contributors to the broad consultations across Australia and overseas.

The Review held stakeholder and public meetings in Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney during late January and February that were attended by more than 450 people.

In addition, Dr Finkel and two Panel members recently met with energy market experts in Europe and the United States, with a focus on energy market operation and regulation.

“The countries and jurisdictions we visited are well advanced managing the policy and technology driven changes that are transforming their electricity systems,” Dr Finkel said.

The Review was established in October 2016 and last December delivered its Preliminary Report to COAG.

The submissions are available on the Department of the Environment and Energy’s website at: