Australian Science Superheroes – Stephanie Hing

Thursday, 01 December 2016

During National Science Week in August 2016, Australia’s Chief Scientist launched the #5ScientistPledge to recognise Australian Scientists. Now, we’re shining a light on some of these Australian science superheroes with a new tag – #AusScienceHeroes.

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Stephanie Hing

Dr Stephanie Hing, PhD candidate, Murdoch University, WA

1) What is your science superpower?

I help look after some of the world’s rarest animals. Specifically, I investigate how stress might make wild animals sick just like we might be more likely to get sick when we’re stressed. I want to make sure that, even when they encounter difficulties, all animals stay happy and healthy.

2) The year is 2030. How has life changed as a result of your research?

My research is helping us realise how our actions affect the environment and the importance of protecting nature. Here in Australia, we have conserved all our unique and special native animals.

3) What drew you to science in the first place?

I remember Mum wheeling me around the zoo in my pram and my grandpa taking me to feed the swans in the park. Growing up close to animals and nature drew me to veterinary and conservation science. Inspiring teachers and role models opened my eyes to the excitement of science.

4) When you’re not wearing your science superhero cape, what do you get up to?

When I’m not in the field or in the lab, I’m still doing experiments…in the kitchen. I love having everyone over and cooking a big feast together. The stereotype of the lone scientist is far from true!

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