Media Release: Take the Five Scientist Pledge for National Science Week

Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has issued a media release calling on people to take the five scientist pledge this National Science Week.

You can read the media release below or download it as a PDF.


Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, is calling on all Australians to get to know the names of at least five living Australian scientists during National Science Week.

“We can all name at least five current athletes, particularly during the Olympic games. We can all name at least five actors. These days, we can probably even name at least five celebrity chefs,” Dr Finkel said.

“But most of us would struggle to name five Australian scientists – or perhaps, five scientists at all!

“If we all knew of at least five of our nation’s scientists, and the stories of their achievements, we would think of our country with a re-doubled sense of pride.

“Just as importantly, we would look to the future in the expectation that life will be better tomorrow than it is today.”

Dr Finkel will spend National Science Week inspecting some of Australia’s big ticket items of science and research equipment, as part of ongoing consultations for the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

“Everywhere I go, I am inspired by the scientists and students I meet. Australians can believe me when I say we have some of the finest problem-solvers in the world; and we are training up the next generation to follow their lead,” Dr Finkel said.

“Science is not just for scientists, it’s for everyone who takes an interest in making things work.

“That’s why I challenge everyone to take the five scientist pledge for National Science Week. If you can’t name five living Australian scientists now, spend five minutes to find out – ask your friends, ask your family, or do a web search.

“Start with just five names – five stories – and you may just find yourself hooked.”

The following sites are good places to start your search for the five scientist pledge (but by no means the only ones!):

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Australian Academy of Science – Interviews with Australian Scientists

Australia’s Nobel Laureates


Young Tall Poppy Science Awards

Your local university website