Media Release: 750 answers to the Five Scientist Pledge

Monday, 22 August 2016

Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has issued a cheat sheet to help Australians finish their five scientist pledge, with more than 750 scientists listed.

You can read the media release below or download it as a PDF. You can download the cheat sheet here.


Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, has released a cheat sheet to help Australians finish their Five Scientist Pledge, with more than 750 scientists listed.

“During National Science Week, I called on all Australians to take the Five Scientist Pledge – a promise to learn the names of five living Australian scientists,” Dr Finkel said.

“And Australia responded! In just four days, more than 750 individual scientists were named and recognised on social media. Hundreds more were identified only by first name, last name or nickname.

“It’s an achievement that shouldn’t be ignored, so we’ve compiled the names of these hardworking scientists to share across Australia.”

Dr Finkel said the names told a good story about diversity in Australian science.

“The great part about this pledge is the sheer variety in the science and scientists identified. Hundreds of women and men were put forward, from all fields of research and different cultural backgrounds,” Dr Finkel said.

“It’s not just our senior scientists – Nobel Laureates, mid-career researchers and PhD students are listed side by side, each with a proud story to tell.

“But even this list is only a tiny fraction of our scientific research community. There are many thousands of smart, innovative and dedicated Australians contributing to global scientific knowledge every day.

“Naming five scientists barely scratches the surface of Australian science, but it helps us appreciate its achievements; the health breakthroughs, new products, and discoveries about the world around us.

“Use the cheat sheet, look up their stories, and remember your five Australian scientists. Now that you know, you’ll be amazed at how many times you notice their contributions to your daily life.”

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