Australia's Chief Scientist


Professor Chubb has issued a statement about committing to science.

You can read the statement below, or download it as a pdf.


This week the Treasurer handed down the Federal Budget, and the Leader of the Opposition delivered his reply.  Both made comments about science and research.

There has been commentary of the usual sort: some like this bit but not that bit, and others the reverse.  I could join that conversation, but I won’t.

Instead, I will note that the Australian Government has restated its commitment to deliver a national strategy for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) this year; and taken steps to improve education and innovation in particular.  Naturally, these are actions that I support.

I also note that the Opposition has put a strong focus on STEM.  This includes innovation as well as skills for the workforce.  There are important commitments to teachers and teaching.  As a longstanding advocate for the need for inspirational STEM teaching, and properly supported teachers, I welcome that commitment.

STEM and STEM-trained people are critical to the industries of the future and the wellbeing of the community. To secure them, we need strategic investment, good planning and a long-term commitment to shared goals.

There have been calls this week for a bipartisan approach in a number of areas. Science is for the long term.  Properly supported science must last longer than any parliament and any changes of government.  I hope that a bipartisan spirit will be extended to science; after all, it sustains us all.

Professor Ian Chubb AC