Australia's Chief Scientist

MEDIA RELEASE: Progress for science and mathematics in schools

Science and mathematics are a vital part of the education of every child and I welcome progress made today at the Education Council meeting in Brisbane.

Ministers from the Commonwealth, state and territories agreed to work together to develop a national science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) school education strategy.

This is a major step in the right direction. One that is critically important for our nation.

Australia needs to approach science and mathematics much more seriously in the classroom to give our students the best possible start in life.

Without a focus on these subjects, Australia risks being left behind in a changing world characterised by rapid innovation and technological change.

As a nation we need to be strategic, and equip our students with the ability to think critically, to work collaboratively, to problem solve and to build the capacity to make judgements based on evidence.

The way to do this starts with our schools – by raising the overall level of science and mathematics literacy and giving students with talent and curiosity the opportunity to pursue the options that will become available to them.

Critical headway has been made today. I congratulate the Ministers for this decisive action.

Professor Ian Chubb AC

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