Benchmarking Australian Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

On December 1, the report Benchmarking Australian Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics was released.

This follows the tabling of the report at the inaugural meeting of the Commonwealth Science Council.

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In his foreword to the report, Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb says: “In view of the central importance of STEM, we need to know how we perform. We need to get 'a fix’ on our performance—not an easy one, against 'the world’, but a more challenging one, against nations that, like us, are essentially free-market economies with serious science engagement.

“…This report provides insights into where we are and will help us decide what we should do. As an analysis mostly at a high level—signposts in kilometres not metres, let alone centimetres—it is intended to highlight performance and trends that might warrant further investigation, prompt questions for government and contribute to discussion on the future shape and scale of Australian STEM.

“The report is about encouraging wise decisions, not about making them. Used well, it will help us improve and help us position Australia in a changing world.”

Links to media coverage of the report are available here.