$54 Million Commitment to Mathematics, Engineering and Science

Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Tonight’s announcement of a $54 million budget allocation by the Government to support science, mathematics and engineering education was warmly welcomed by Australia’s Chief Scientist, ProfessorIan Chubb.

“It is a truly positive move taken to set the nation up for a positive future.” Professor Chubb said.

The announcement follows Professor Chubb’s report submission to the Prime Minister earlier this year titled Mathematics, Engineering and Science in the National Interest that has been under careful consideration leading into the budget. The funds will target key issues raised in the Report.

Making the joint budget announcement this evening, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, and Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, said that the Gillard Government has responded to Professor Chubb’s report to ensure there are resources in place both to attract students to these critical subjects, and so that teachers will have the support to be able to engage students in a more practical and relevant manner.

There will also be a National Mathematics and Science Education and Industry Adviser located within the Office of the Chief Scientist who will champion the role of mathematics, science and statistics across education and industry.

Professor Chubb said of the announcement, “I am encouraged that Prime Minister Gillard, Minister Evans and Minister Garrett have supported this substantial investment at this particular time. This funding reflects the high priority accorded science, mathematics and engineering by the government. It is an investment inAustralia’s future. As the world’s dependence on knowledge and innovation continues to grow, we need the skills to anticipate rather than follow.”

The funding comes on the back of the recent announcement of $10 million for the Australian Council of Learned Academies to support the work of the Chief Scientist and the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council.

Read Professor Chubb’s report, Mathematics, Engineering and Science in the National Interest here.

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