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Opinion: Restore maths, boost VET and collaborate with business

“The success of our universities is not a matter of chance. If it’s a game, it’s a game of strategy: one that Australian Vice-Chancellors have played extraordinarily well.”…

5 March 2018

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Opinion: Time to see the light on electric cars

“Australians are global travellers and early adopters, with one of the most open and competitive car markets in the world. Experience electric vehicles, see them deployed at scale in foreign cities, and we won’t look back.”…

12 February 2018

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Opinion: How a German migrant planted citizen science in Australia – and why it worked

“Citizen Science has to make the world a better place. In the end, that’s what makes it worth doing.”…

8 February 2018

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Children of a revolution: the medicine behind living longer

We can imagine an Australia where a child born today can look forward to a century of healthy living, write Alan Finkel and Bob Williamson. …

31 January 2018

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OPINION: Pick up a book and share it with a child

“Pick up a book and pledge to share it with a special child in your life: a son or daughter, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, the child of a neighbour or family friend. I promise, you’ll be glad that …

14 December 2017

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“The only question in my mind is what’s next? What’s the big neurotechnology breakthrough that becomes a great national icon?”…

24 October 2017

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ARTICLE: The Australian Financial Review – Why smashed avocado is innovation that counts

“Think of a factory that makes silicon chips. Now think of a mine that produces iron ore. Which of the two is more innovative?”

“The answer is, it depends.”…

20 September 2017

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ARTICLE: The Conversation – Can a robot replace the Chief Scientist?

“By now, you’ve probably been warned that a robot is coming for your job. But rather than repeat the warning, I’ve decided to throw down a challenge: man against machine.”…

24 August 2017

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ARTICLE: Very small time

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has written an article for Cosmos Magazine, titled ‘Very small time”. The article appeared in Cosmos 74 – Autumn 2017.…

16 May 2017

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ARTICLE: The importance of science in Australian agribusiness

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has written an article for the Boundless Plains to Share campaign, titled ‘The Importance of Science in Australian Agribusiness’. …

27 April 2017

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