Australia's Chief Scientist


INTERVIEW: Q&A, Australia’s Energy Future

Dr Finkel appeared on ABC’s Q&A on Monday 12 June to discuss Australia’s Energy Future, following the release of the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market. …

27 June 2017

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INTERVIEW: ABC Perth: Changing expectations by degrees

Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed on 720 ABC Perth about loosening the link between university degrees and careers following the publication of an opinion piece in The Australian newspaper.…

29 August 2016

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INTERVIEW: The Science Show, ABC National

Dr Finkel appeared on ABC Radio National’s The Science Show on Saturday 20 August to discuss STEM PhDs, where they can take you, and how his own PhD in Neuroscience put him on the winding path to become Australia’s Chief …

20 August 2016

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INTERVIEW: On the road with the WA Chief Scientist

As part of National Science Week 2016, Dr Finkel appeared in an interview with WA Chief Scientist Peter Klinken to discuss innovation in Australia.…

17 August 2016

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INTERVIEW: Sky News Australia: National Science Week

Dr Finkel appeared on Sky News where he encouraged all Australians to celebrate National Science Week by taking the Five Scientist Pledge.…

15 August 2016

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INTERVIEW: Jon Faine 774 ABC Melbourne: Victorian of the Year

After Dr Finkel was named as the 2016 Victorian of the Year, he appeared on 774 ABC Melbourne with Jon Faine to give an interview.

1 July 2016

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INTERVIEW: Mornings 936 ABC Hobart

On 13 May 2016, Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by Leon Compton, the Mornings presenter on 936 ABC Hobart, to discuss his visit to Tasmania for the Forum of Australian Chief Scientists and to deliver a public lecture titled "Science and Innovation for the Third Millennium".

13 May 2016

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Dr Finkel was interviewed by Leon Compton, the Mornings presenter on 936 ABC Hobart.

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Dr Finkel has discussed the 'Australia's STEM Workforce' report with Thomas Oriti in an interview for AM.

31 March 2016

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ARTICLE: Australia’s new Chief Scientist speaks on techno-optimism, renewable energy and encouraging STEM – The Conversation

The Conversation interviewed Dr Finkel about the mindset of an engineer, automation and employment, careers in STEM and Australia's energy future.

5 February 2016

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