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Interview: Politico – hydrogen and the export potential for Australia

Dr Finkel was interviewed by Politico during his recent visit to Europe. Kalina Oroschakoff and Paola Tamma discussed hydrogen energy and its export potential for Australia with the Chief Scientist. A pdf of the article is available here . The …

12 March 2019

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INTERVIEW: Can Australia become a leader in ethical AI?

Dr Finkel was interviewed by Libbi Gorr on ABC Radio Melbourne on Sunday 26 August, talking about how Australia can become a leader in ethical artificial intelligence.…

28 August 2018

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INTERVIEW: Prospering in the artificial intelligence world

Ahead of Dr Finkel’s delivery of the Samuel Alexander Lecture in August, Wesley College has interviewed Dr Finkel  on the rapidly-growing world of artificial intelligence, and how we as humans will have to set the standards to make sure we …

5 July 2018

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Interview: Australia’s Chief Scientist on STEM partnerships

Dr Finkel has spoken with the Australian Council for Educational Research’s online Teacher magazine on the Optimising STEM Industry–School Partnerships: Inspiring Australia’s Next Generation report, particularly on why partnerships with STEM industries can be beneficial for students, and how schools …

14 June 2018

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Interview: Artificial Intelligence, ABC AM

Dr Finkel was interviewed by Kim Landers for ABC AM on Friday 18 May regarding Artificial Intelligence, and what it would take for humans to trust AI in their daily lives. …

18 May 2018

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Interview: Hydrogen energy

Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by ABC Gippsland radio presenter Rebecca Symons about using hydrogen for energy and energy storage on 13 April 2018.…

13 April 2018

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Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by Anna Krien for The Monthly about the energy narrative and his role as Chief Scientist.…

8 January 2018

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Interview: Australian Financial Review

Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by Ben Potter for the Australian Financial Review about artificial intelligence, energy and his role as Chief Scientist.…

5 December 2017

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Interview: Boss True Leaders 2017

Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by Patrick Durkin for the Australian Financial Review’s Boss Magazine, as part of their True Leaders 2017 October issue.…

5 November 2017

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Interview: ABC Perth, Automation and AI

Dr Alan Finkel was interviewed by Gillian O’Shaughnessy for ABC Perth Afternoons about automation and the changing nature of the workforce.…

5 September 2017

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