Australia's Chief Scientist



“What impresses me is the innovation of Australian farmers. Australia’s farmers are early adopters and they are thinking things through all the time.”…

11 October 2016

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“As a leader, you need these four things in your organisation. As a Prime Minister, you want to build these four things for your country. And when I look at CSIRO, I see potential for this agency and our country …

22 September 2016

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AUDIO: Creative partnerships: Robert Forster, Allan Zavod, Alan Finkel and Deborah Conway – ABC Melbourne

“I was taken out of my comfort zone. I’m an engineer…a scientist. All of a sudden, I’m the Executive Producer for a concert. It’s not easy. Anything that can go wrong will.”

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel joined good …

19 September 2016

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ARTICLE: Why engineers must step up as thought leaders in business and government – Engineers Australia

“In my vision for 2025, the Master of Engineering is the equal of the MBA, if not the premier qualification that head-hunters for corporate boards want to see. Engineering concepts are applied with the same fluency in Parliament and the …

26 August 2016

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ARTICLE: Alan Finkel urges smart regulation, strategic investment – Australian Financial Review

“You can exhort, you can encourage, you can get creative with the salary cap – but ultimately, you need to build the capability to play the game consistently well.”…

17 August 2016

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ARTICLE: Finkel (hilariously) defends the PhD – The Australian

“Next time somebody throws the ‘job ready’ phrase at you, invariably in the negative context, retaliate that your role is to train graduates who are ‘job capable’.”

Chief scientist Alan Finkel has shown he’s a bon vivant and attention-grabbing speaker …

29 July 2016

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ARTICLE: Top Victorian gong for Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel – Herald Sun

“It’s an extraordinary delight to be recognised and honoured by Victorians, not for being a scientist but for being who I am, a Victorian.”…

1 July 2016

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ARTICLE: National symposium brings SAGE Pilot organisations together

Following the SAGE Symposium in Sydney on Friday 24 June, at which Dr Finkel participated on a panel, the Australian Academy of Science has released an information article.

24 June 2016

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ARTICLE: STEM in Context: Victoria’s School Leaders Speak Science

Following Dr Finkel's address to Quantum Victoria's STEM in Context: School Leaders' Conference in June, the Victorian Department of Education has released a news article.

8 June 2016

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ARTICLE: Forum of Australian Chief Scientists

Dr Alan Finkel made his first visit to Tasmania as Chief Scientist on 13 May for the Forum of Australian Chief Scientists, also delivering the public lecture "Science and Innovation for the Third Millennium".

13 May 2016

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