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The Office of the Chief Scientist has published the 17th paper in its Occasional Paper Series on Precision Medicine.

The paper explores the potential for Precision Medicine to shift the focus of the health system from the treatment of illness …

12 October 2018

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ARTICLE: Chief Scientist warns AI could create “parallel society”

“Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel has cautioned that companies and corporations cannot just be left to their own devices to come up with individual interpretations for the ethical uses of technology.”…

26 July 2018

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INTERVIEW: Prospering in the artificial intelligence world

Ahead of Dr Finkel’s delivery of the Samuel Alexander Lecture in August, Wesley College has interviewed Dr Finkel  on the rapidly-growing world of artificial intelligence, and how we as humans will have to set the standards to make sure we …

5 July 2018

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Article: Alan Finkel on the ISA 2030 plan

Entrepreneurs and scientists share optimism as a common and defining trait and so it is quite likely that Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel – who has also been a serial entrepreneur in his career – has been given a …

8 June 2018

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VIDEO: Be a scientist, save the world

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute has posted a video of Dr Finkel’s opening speech to its centenary congress in Melbourne in July.…

11 October 2017

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ARTICLE: Finkel – Australian farmers boost German beer drinking

“CHIEF Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has talked-up the pivotal role of Australian barley farmers and local researchers in boosting the innovative production and consumption of gluten-free beer sold in Germany.”…

8 May 2017

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ARTICLE: Two worlds collide – science and politics

“Follow the four A’s for research to have an impact on public policy: ATTITUDE, AMBASSADORS, ACCESS and AMMUNITION.” …

27 March 2017

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Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, told the audience at the Grattan Institute’s Energy Futures Forum, he is optimistic about the electricity market review because “we are doing it in a very objective fashion, and we are going to present …

15 December 2016

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ARTICLE: Sydney wins the race to host COSPAR 2020, the global ‘Space Olympics’ – Sydney Morning Herald

“We come to the table with a bold vision for our nation’s place in science – and through science, our place in space.”…

10 November 2016

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Dr Alan Finkel has written an article for the Australian Neuroscience Society’s October newsletter. In the article, Dr Finkel thanks his PhD supervisor, Steve Redman, for helping to start a course that is now an integral part of the Australian …

28 October 2016

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