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SPEECH: Creative Innovation Summit 2019 – Keynote

Dr Finkel gave a keynote address at the Creative Innovation Summit 2019 on 2 April 2019 in Melbourne. A full version of the speech is below or you can download a pdf here.…

8 April 2019

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SPEECH: Innovation Metrics Review International Workshop

Dr Finkel gave an introductory address at the Innovation Metrics Review International Workshop on 13 March 2019 in Canberra. A full version of the speech is below or you can download a pdf here. …

14 March 2019

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SPEECH: Opening panellist remarks for the International Energy Agency Workshop on Hydrogen

Dr Finkel gave a speech at the International Energy Agency on 11 February 2019 in Paris, France. In his speech he outlines some of the motivations for an increasing focus on hydrogen. A pdf of the speech is here . …

12 March 2019

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SPEECH: The Innovation Imperative

Dr Finkel gave a keynote speech at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Governance Summit conference on Tuesday 5 March 2019. In his speech he outlines some common challenges directors face and drawing on his personal experience, what he considers …

6 March 2019

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SPEECH: The prerequisite for success

“Every so often a parent or a student will write to me, seeking my advice. I got one of those emails this year. And I want to share my thoughts with you today, as my philosophy for what really counts.”…

7 December 2018

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SPEECH: Lessons from my father

“I learnt from my father that far more important than another factory, or another suit, are the principles that guide one’s life.”…

27 November 2018

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SPEECH: The Winning 2030 CV

“When I was a student the importance of actually specialising in something – mastering a discipline – was more or less assumed. You want a broad mix of people who excel in a range of speciality fields. But I now …

21 November 2018

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SPEECH: John O’Hagan Lecture 2018

“We can make something extraordinary even better. And we can do it as realists, and pragmatists – not as utopians. That is the research community at its best.”

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SPEECH: The Human Factor

“Australians have learned to trust researchers. They see a sector that conducts itself as it does in this country: with integrity, with transparency, and most importantly, to brilliant effect.”

15 October 2018

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“Kissinger once said ‘University politics are vicious, precisely because the stakes are so small.’

With due respect to Kissinger, I disagree. University politics are complex, and occasionally vicious, because the stakes are so high.”…

5 October 2018

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