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SPEECH: Renewing the signals, restoring the continuum

“Mathematics encourages logical thought; it allows for the laying out of a problem and working through solutions; it trains you to make deductions from the learned assumptions of those who have gone before; and it encourages you to apply your …

12 July 2019

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SPEECH: Actions to advance research integrity

“The basic structure of peer review is the best we’ve ever invented. But it is showing signs of strain.”…

3 June 2019

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SPEECH: STEM careers – a broad horizon

“The reality is, you may never work a day in your life in a particular profession – and still be getting value from your degree.”…

23 May 2019

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SPEECH: What manufacturing can teach AI

“AI is seeping into every aspect of manufacturing – and manufacturing companies are buying up AI talent as fast as universities can churn it out.”…

15 May 2019

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SPEECH: Shipping sunshine at scale

“Let’s start with the big picture: zero emissions energy everywhere, for everyone. How do we get there?”…

28 April 2019

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SPEECH: Creative Innovation Summit 2019 – Keynote

Dr Finkel gave a keynote address at the Creative Innovation Summit 2019 on 2 April 2019 in Melbourne. A full version of the speech is below or you can download a pdf here.…

8 April 2019

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SPEECH: Innovation Metrics Review International Workshop

Dr Finkel gave an introductory address at the Innovation Metrics Review International Workshop on 13 March 2019 in Canberra. A full version of the speech is below or you can download a pdf here. …

14 March 2019

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SPEECH: Opening panellist remarks for the International Energy Agency Workshop on Hydrogen

Dr Finkel gave a speech at the International Energy Agency on 11 February 2019 in Paris, France. In his speech he outlines some of the motivations for an increasing focus on hydrogen. A pdf of the speech is here . …

12 March 2019

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SPEECH: The Innovation Imperative

Dr Finkel gave a keynote speech at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Governance Summit conference on Tuesday 5 March 2019. In his speech he outlines some common challenges directors face and drawing on his personal experience, what he considers …

6 March 2019

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SPEECH: The prerequisite for success

“Every so often a parent or a student will write to me, seeking my advice. I got one of those emails this year. And I want to share my thoughts with you today, as my philosophy for what really counts.”…

7 December 2018

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