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Weekly Times article on water management

The Chief Scientist spoke with The Weekly Times about water management, the Science and Research Priorities and Australia's reputation for agricultural innovation.

15 January 2016

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Article: The Weekly Times

Professor Chubb was interviewed by The Weekly Times about genetically modified organisms and the need for better communication of scientific research.

14 January 2016

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Editorial: The value of teachers

The Chief Scientist has published an editorial in Universities Australia's quarterly newsletter about the value of teachers.

1 December 2015

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OPINION: The Australian

Professor Chubb has published an opinion piece on innovation in The Australian.

27 November 2015

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The Australian on innovation and entrepreneurship

Professor Chubb was interviewed by The Australian about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia.

13 November 2015

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ARTICLE: The Age on entrepreneurship in Australia

The Age has published an article about entrepreneurship in Australia, based on a new report commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist.

30 October 2015

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Article in The Australian on entrepreneurship

Professor Chubb has called for Australian universities to play a central role in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, The Australian reports.

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Article in The Strategist

Professor Chubb has written an article for The Strategist, the official blog of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

27 October 2015

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Opinion: The Australian Financial Review

Professor Chubb has published an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, titled ‘Education must play long game built on consistency’.

You can read the full text below or download a PDF here. The article is also available on …

26 October 2015

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Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards

Professor Chubb has won the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2015 AFR Higher Education Awards.

19 October 2015

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