Australia's Chief Scientist

Chief Scientist welcomes the National Research Investment Plan

28 November 2012

Australia’s Chief Scientist and Australian Research Committee (ARCom) chairman Professor Ian Chubb has welcomed today’s launch of the National Research Investment Plan (NRIP).

The National Research Investment Plan sets out a framework and a process for delivering government support in a holistic manner. It takes account of the interaction between the inputs to research and sets out a process to coordinate investment across the whole of government.

Professor Chubb said the plan was an important step in ensuring the fruits of research and innovation continue to enrich the lives of all Australians, every day of every year.

“Consider for a moment what life would be like without modern medicine, without the internet, or without nutritious and dependable food. Then remember that all these things, plus many more on a much longer list, are there for us because of research and innovation,’’ he said.

Professor Chubb welcomed the Prime Minister’s comments that NRIP provides a roadmap to support the discovery and use of new ideas which make the greatest possible contribution to the Government’s broader policy objectives and to the wellbeing of Australians.

The Plan was developed by the Australian Research Committee, comprising a senior Commonwealth Officials Group, Expert Advisory Group and Research Sector Group.

“I would very much like to thank the members of those Groups for their dedication to the task and their valuable contributions in shaping this Plan,’’ Professor Chubb said.

“As the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills Science and Research has noted, this will ensure future government investment decisions improve the capability of the science and research sector, address key challenges and maximise the benefits that flow from research.’’

Professor Chubb’s speech regarding the National Research Investment Plan is available here and the Plan is available for download on the Department of Innovation’s website.