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Strawberry DNA isolation

Have you ever wanted to see what DNA actually looks like? Well try this great experiment, which shows you how to isolate the DNA of a strawberry…

Strawberry DNA Isolation

This author of this article is the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology focuses on the discovery and characterisation of the molecular components and control mechanisms that drive energy metabolism in plant cells. The Centre operates in three major university nodes across Australia: the University of Western Australia (Perth), Australian National University (Canberra) and the University of Sydney.

The Centre combines world-leading expertise and experience in organelle biology (chloroplasts, mitochondria and peroxisomes) with complementary expertise in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, biochemistry and physiology. Four research programs within the Centre work towards identifying the mechanisms by which subcellular energy metabolism and communication systems control plant growth and development.

Research is carried out using four cutting-edge technology platforms on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana to identify the key regulatory factors that control the biogenesis of organelles and their role in energy metabolism. This knowledge contributes to resources and knowledge for improving plant performance, particularly in marginal environments and in response to climate change, thereby providing the means to enhance the yield and nutritional value of a range of agricultural products.
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