Australia's Chief Scientist


SPEECH: Evidence and integrity

“Science met Parliament, and the offspring was progress. Its sibling is potential.”…

13 February 2018

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SPEECH: Planting the seeds of citizen science

“Let me start with an impossible to answer question. Who invented citizen science?”…

8 February 2018

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SPEECH: Captain Science Says

To see the future for your children, look at the superheroes of your parents.”

Dr Finkel delivered a speech titled ‘Captain Science says’ to the 2018 Teach for Australia intake cohort in Melbourne on 10 December 2017.…

12 December 2017

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SPEECH: Future prescriptions for medical research

Dr Finkel addressed the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes convention in Canberra on Wednesday 6 December, titled ‘Future prescriptions for medical research’. …

11 December 2017

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SPEECH: Excellence with equity and empathy

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, delivered a speech titled ‘Excellence with equity and empathy: progress the Australian way’ at the Frank and Bobbie Fenner Genome Editing for Cancer Treatment conference in Canberra on Monday 20 November.…

21 November 2017

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SPEECH: Innovation Week 2017 launch

“Innovation needs intention. Whatever you’re doing, look for impact. Opportunity will come from unexpected places: but you have to be ready to reach for it and welcome it in.”…

15 November 2017

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SPEECH: Human Intelligence 2.0: How will we get there?

Dr Alan Finkel delivered a speech titled “Human Intelligence 2.0: How will we get there?” to the Creative Innovation 2017 conference in Melbourne on Tuesday 14 November. …

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SPEECH: Merson Lecture – Getting Ahead

Dr Finkel delivered the annual Merson Neuroscience Lecture, titled ‘Getting Ahead’, at the Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland on Tuesday 24 October.…

25 October 2017

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SPEECH: Equity – a business imperative

Dr Finkel delivered the final remarks at a Male Champions of Change STEM business breakfast in Canberra, marking the one  year anniversary of the organisation. …

11 October 2017

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Dr Finkel presented to the Australian Financial Review Energy Summit in Sydney on Monday 9 October, where he gave an overview of the recommendations of the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market (also known as …

10 October 2017

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