The Chief Scientist
Information about the Chief Scientist position including the role of the Chief Scientist, how he is supported and who he reports to.

A biography of Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb and a high-resolution image available for download.

The Chief Scientist on Facebook

Members of the Office of the Chief Scientist

National Adviser, Mathematics and Science Education and Industry
Dr Roslyn Prinsley
The National Adviser, Mathematicss and Science Education and Industry, advises the Chief Scientist on all matters related to STEM education.

Director, Office of the Chief Scientist
Simon Prasad

Science team
Krisztian Baranyai
Roslyn Forecast (on secondment)
Ryan Herbert (on secondment)
Will Howard
Ewan Johnston
Laura Kusa
Rachel Poldy
Phillippa Smith
Sarah White (on secondment)

Felice Beitzel
Jennifer Bowles
Katherine Leigh
Clinton Porteous

Michelle Cole
Tegan Fenson
Helen Horton
Robin Hulm

Harini Epa
Anna Grace
Chris Walter